About Xi

Your Innovation Partner

We are a team dedicated to solving engineering problems and delivering economic benefit. With a strong reputation in solving problems presented by our clients, our approach is to lead the client through the process from problem and uncertainty through to solution and client satisfaction.

The Xi team comes from an array of diverse disciplines yet we share one thing in common; a passion for lowering the commercial risk of our clients and protecting their reputation.

Xi is a highly regarded organisation whose client base extends across many industrial sectors. Our clients engage us to validate engineering design and to diagnose and resolve vibration and acoustic issues with installed equipment. Recent examples include stabilising highly sensitive semiconductor equipment, isolating railway vibration and solving industrial plant vibration and noise issues.

Through diagnosis, recommendation, design and implementation, we are on hand to provide an effective, dependable and commercially pragmatic solution.

Dr Mark-Paul Buckingham

Managing Director

Dr Brett Marmo

Technical Director

Rebecca Horton

Operations Director

Donald Black

Senior Project Engineer