Acoustic Measurement

Xi’s team of engineers have years of experience in acoustic measurement and can assist at all levels of complexity.

Noise level measurements may be required for a number of reasons, including:

  • Background noise levels for baseline comparison to activities such as
    construction work.
  • Noise levels near a road, construction site or place of work.
  • Wind turbine noise.
  • Noise in rooms, between walls or floors.
  • Excessive or intrusive noise, which can be highly disruptive.

To quantify and resolve problematic acoustics, such as noise emissions or poor room acoustics, it is necessary to understand the origin of the problem. Through using high-quality sound measurement equipment, such as class A sound level meters and high-end microphones, the team at Xi can complete acoustic measurement surveys and find solutions which will satisfy client requirements.
The range of measurements that Xi can perform range depending on the industry, some examples are:

  • Noise assessments for both industrial and commercial purposes following standards such as BS 4142, BS 5228, IEC 61400 and ETSU R97.
  • Acoustic assessment of industrial machinery.
  • Architectural and building acoustic assessment from noise mitigation to partition and transmissibility assessments.
  • Environmental acoustic assessments which include noise propagation mitigation as well as pre-planning acoustic assessments.
  • Background acoustic assessments.
  • Noise at work assessments.

Following completion of a measurement campaign, Xi can provide a detailed assessment method or solution to meet the client’s requirements as well as assisting in any further developments and problems which may arise. Xi can tailor reports to any audience, whether that be explaining complex technical issues in a succinct and clear way, or providing a technical report to use as evidence at public inquiries.

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