The Rutland Hotel is a luxury Boutique hotel and a listed building situated in the heart of Edinburgh, overlooked by Edinburgh castle. Some patrons and staff had felt an unusual vibration in the hotel reception and restaurant. The areas of reported vibration were in separate locations on different levels of the building and seemed intermittent. Xi was called in to assess the problem and discretely perform measurement and assessment whilst the hotel continued to serve customers.


An initial assessment of the vibration signals suggested the vibration was not a result of road traffic vibration or the trams passing. Indeed the signals observed by Xi appeared more stable and consistent than those that would be expected from road or rail traffic. The search was expanded to look for nearby plant and equipment that might be responsible.

Comparing the problem vibrations with the equipment vibrations Xi were able to establish a relationship. Or rather two relationships, as the vibration at each location came from a different source.

Xi’s Role

Xi came onsite with a range of measurement equipment to assess the problem. Measurements were taken in the problem areas to identify the frequency of the associated vibrations. An in-depth knowledge and understanding of vibration allowed Xi to identify the plant machinery within the building which was causing the vibration. XI identified, diagnosed and designed a solution for the vibration related problem onsite.

Skill Sets Used
  • Vibration Measurement
  • Highly sensitive vibration monitoring equipment to allow accurate diagnosis
  • In depth time domain and frequency domain analysis in Matlab
  • Onsite data analysis
Client Benefits
  • Sensitive and unobtrusive onsite diagnosis
  • Fast resolution of ongoing concern for staff and hotel guests
  • Quick fault identification prevented expensive and unnecessary remedial work