Magway is developing a world-changing, all-electric, zero-emissions, low-footprint, high-capacity delivery system. Magway is a highly technical organisation with truly novel technology which is transforming the delivery market. Xi Engineering Consultants has been supporting Magway’s technical development from the initial design phases through to the first commercial deployment. Our partnership arrangement allows Magway to independently verify designs, accelerate technical development and add measurement and advanced simulation resources to the technical team, helping the Magway team to add value to their product and make technically and commercial astute decisions in a flexible and cost-effective manner.

Xi’s role
  • R&D Partner
  • Helping Magway to understand their product & components through simulation
  • Increasing Magway’s in-house simulation ability
How Xi Helped

Xi Engineering’s initial work focused on system dynamics, ultimately validating prototype designs, and ensuring component fatigue would not represent a technical risk. This design validation allowed electromagnetics, thermodynamics, noise and vibration to be fully understood through quantification supported by advanced simulation. As a next phase, Xi Engineering Consultants modelled potential scenarios using COMSOL Multiphysics modelling software in different environments which gave Magway the ability to test their system in a risk-free virtual space, saving both time and cost.

As the product development progressed, Xi Engineering Consultants increased Magway’s in-house modelling capability by acting as an R&D partner and delivering its first commercial system in a shorter time frame. Xi Engineering’s modelling expertise allowed Magway to understand their product in greater detail before commercial launch.

Skill Set Used
  • Structural mechanics
  • AC/DC
  • Heat Transfer
  • Multibody dynamics
  • Design
Overcoming Challenges

Magway, by using Xi Engineering’s simulation expertise, invested in thoroughly comprehending the system dynamics and vibrations. Xi Engineering’s skills expanded Magway’s modelling capability and addressed vital potential structural, thermal, vibration, noise, and future fatigue issues.

Modelling stages:

  • Simulating electromagnetic and mechanical forces on the structure
  • Modelling a full 3-dimensional structure and applying forces assessing stress distribution.
  • Modelling thermal response of the motor and calculating cooling times to avoid the system overheating
Client Benefits

Magway is building a series of digital twins to optimise operation, capture valuable data and ultimately optimise the development of their technology. Xi Engineering Consultants will be assisting with the development of the Multiphysics Digital Twins by delivering models which will give Magway the capability to learn from their product and feed the findings into their Multiphysics Digital Twin model to further optimise it. Xi Engineering Consultants will deliver a bespoke digital twin architecture for multiple users which will give them the benefit of understanding and optimising their system using different parameters.