Negative Pressure Wound Therapy uses a vacuum dressing to promote healing of acute and chronic wounds and burns. In order to maintain a vacuum, a pump is required. Typically these are large and cumbersome and as a result a new smaller portable pump system was in development. However, as the pumps are in operation for 24hours , including quiet periods, it was necessary for the operation of the pump to be as silent and free from vibration as possible.


A working prototype had already been developed and was provided to Xi to review and undertake tests. A combination of physical testing and computer simulation was used to assess the current performance Xi could then present a development strategy which the design to team was able to adapt in to the next generation prototype. Xi’s firsthand experience in small-scale consumer plastic design allowed our engineers to smoothly integrate our knowledge of managing noise and vibration. The combination of practical testing and experimental methodology alongside computer simulation modelling provided comprehensive noise and vibration experience to be incorporated into the design.