The designers of residential buildings and office spaces should consider the effect of structural vibrations on their occupants. Vibrations from external sources such as trains and other transportation systems can be detected by residents and can have a detrimental effect on their standard of life. A residential development was planned adjacent to the Newcastle Upon Tyne Metro Line and was likely to be affected by vibration from passenger trains.


Xi were employed to conduct a vibration survey of the proposed site and determined that vibration from the Metro Line would indeed be likely be problematic. Xi used the results from the vibration survey in conjunction with geotechnical data to develop a simulation to model a range of potential solutions. The most effective solution was determined to be an anti-vibration acoustic trench between the rail line and the foundation of the building.

Skill Set Used
  • Bespoke site survey using specialist measurement equipment
  • Analysis of geotechnical survey data
  • Numerical modeling
  • Ground vibration solution, design, and implementation
  • Conformance to relevant British Standards
  • Expert support in planning application meetings with consenting authorities
Xi’s Role

Xi Engineering Consultants used the model results to design the anti-vibration trench including optimizing the infill material. Xi oversaw its installation and conducted a conformance measurement that showed that vibration dosage values were within the low probability of adverse comment range specified by British Standard BS 6472. Xi’s engineers liaised with the Planning Enquiry to explain the vibration solution and to help guide the proposal through to its ultimately successful outcome.

Client Benefits
  • Cost effective solution that did not require redesign of building foundation or structural elements
  • Gaining of planning permission
  • Reduced risk to clients reputation