The client believed that the vibrations from the passing underground line had been increasing and was concerned about the potential for damage to the property.


In order to capture the vibration from the underground rail line two separate vibration monitors were used on different floors in the property. The monitors were used to identify the magnitude and frequency of vibration levels from the underground rail line. Having two separate monitoring locations allowed Xi to identify and remove local vibrations from the analysis, such as footfalls to isolate the underground rail vibrations. All of the data was uploaded to the cloud in real time where it could be accessed by both the client and Xi Engineering.

A final report was given to the client outlining the findings from the measurement, including acceleration, velocity and Vibration Dose Values (VDV).

Skill Sets Used
  • Vibration Data Interpretation
  • Working to standards on building vibration
  • Analysis on likely hood of disturbance and cosmetic damage
  • Assessment against BS 5228-2:2009
Xi’s Role
  • Provide expert review on vibration data
  • Setup measurement locations to provide good data capture.
Client Benefits

Good understanding of vibration levels within the property and chance of damage.