Xi was tasked with assisting the development of a new Pathology Unit at the New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton, which had been designed to house vibration sensitive microscopes. It was noted during planning that a nearby road may result in transmitted vibrations from passing traffic interfering with the accuracy of the sensitive equipment in the building. Xi was specifically asked to examine and quantify the current vibration levels to establish if vibration from passing traffic would pose a future problem in the new Pathology building.


Using high-sensitivity geophones, Xi engineers visited the site of the new building and carried out a thorough vibration survey. The data was processed and analysed in line with the ASHRAE Standard for vibration criteria, which specifies safe working limits for vibration sensitive machinery. This analysis provided a meaningful prediction of the expected vibration levels in the structure, allowing the client to proceed with a clear understanding of vibration characteristics of nearby passing traffic.

Xi’s Role

Xi has a extensive range of scoping, measuring equipment and sensors for recording vibration levels in a wide range of scenarios. Xi was able to carry out the measurement and follow up with a comprehensive analysis which allowed the client to make key decisions about the design of the building.

Skillset Used
  • Use of specialised measurement equipment
  • Safe working in a controlled site
  • Working in accordance with requested ASHRAE standards
  • In depth time domain and frequency domain analysis in MATLAB
Client Benefits
  • Comprehensive explanation of existing structure borne vibration characteristics
  • Clear understanding of the analysis provided by Xi Engineering
  • Recommendations for resolution of problem
  • Ability to continue with building development without extra delays