Modelling Structural Dynamics

Xi Engineering have been completing structural dynamic modelling assessments for the construction industry and are one of four Certified COMSOL Consultants in the UK. To assist design teams Xi have been working in some of the following areas:

  • Structural resonance analysis
  • Dynamic wind loading analysis
  • Floor dynamic response due to foot loading
  • Design of Isolation from transport vibration
  • Structural dynamic response during fire evacuations
  • Tuned mass dampers for large spans
  • Background vibration level analysis for sensitive equipment and clean rooms
Measuring Structural Dynamics

Xi Engineering have considerable experience in performing detailed and accurate vibration measurements in buildings and structures. Using an arrangement of accelerometers and geophones Xi can measure and design solutions in the following areas:

  • Background vibration levels
  • Structural resonance analysis
  • Equipment frequency matching
  • Vibration pathways and source identification
  • Structural isolation design & vibration mitigation
  • Cleanroom and sensitive equipment isolation design
  • Structural Response to wind loading
Architectural/ Building Acoustics

The acoustic performance of a building can be critical to the overall success of the build and to fulfil planning requirements.
To ensure the best acoustic performance in a structure Xi offers the following services:

  • Internal acoustic assessments
  • Acoustic material specification
  • Acoustic design review
  • Plant room acoustic assessments
  • Acoustic louver design for plant machinery
  • Acoustic design of hospitals and schools
  • External noise ingress from environmental sources
Construction Site Monitoring

The monitoring of noise & vibration from construction sites is becoming more commonplace as standards and regulations become more developed. Xi engineers are able to produce accurate construction site noise, vibration and dust assessments using our in-house measurement and modelling capabilities.

  • Noise, vibration & dust monitoring. Using automated equipment at locations agreed by contractor and local authorities.
  • Real-time monitoring and trigger levels for email notifications
  • Noise mapping for construction sites
  • Reporting and guidance on noise mitigation measures. Including acoustic barriers and trenches
Health and Safety Assessments

The health and safety at work act places responsibility upon employers to ensure the health and safety of their employees. Xi offer the following services for monitoring Health and safety in the construction sector:

  • Noise at work assessments
  • Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Surveys
  • Hand Arm Vibration (HAV) Surveys
Environmental & Planning

Before construction commences there are often environmental considerations which much be taken into account before planning permission is obtained.

  • Predictive noise and vibration modelling
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
  • Environmental Statement (ES) review
  • Acoustic barrier and enclosure design
Xi’s Professional Commitment

Xi Engineering Consultants as an award-winning engineering consultancy operating of a number of market sectors. Xi has provided services to a reputable range of clients and provides support over full project life cycle.

  • Contributing to environmental and design reports
  • Attending onsite meetings
  • Technical update reports
  • Detailed reports for post project conclusions
  • Expert witness