The environment in which tidal turbines operate by nature is harsh. The cost of deployment and removal of tidal turbines is expensive, tide and weather windows are short. This drives manufacturers to design systems which are both robust and require limited maintenance. Andritz Hydro Hammerfest realised that in order to robustly assess the dynamics of their design they could engage the services of Xi.


Xi assisted Andritz Hydro Hammerfest through the design process for both the HS1000 and the MK1 devices. Xi produced a holistic model of the systems during the design phases, allowing them to assess the entire system from a dynamic perspective, specifically, fatigue and inter-component frequency matching.

Xi’s Role

Xi fulfilled the role of R&D partner, working closely with the team to ensure that the device would not suffer failures as well as optimisation of different elements of the structure. Our Independent design validation provided both risk reduction and improved elements within the design.

Skill Set Used
  • Full Holistic Modelling
  • COMSOL model development & calibration
  • Non-linear Analysis
  • Dynamic Analysis
  • Drive train analysis
  • Fatigue assessment
Client Benefits
  • Optimised Design
  • Increased maintenance-free period
  • Costs saved in reduced maintenance program
  • Saved costs in prototyping and analysis
  • Reduced risk of vibration-induced failure