Experts in transducer development, Warwick Acoustics had a desire to accelerate their technical development to remain ahead of the competition. To speed up the time to market and reduce prototyping costs Warwick Audio engaged Xi for the modelling and design optimisation of their transducer.

Xi’s Role
  • R&D Partner
  • Software Provider
Client Benefits
  • Reduced time to market
  • Optimised design
  • Reduced cost
Skill Set Used
  • COMSOL model development and calibration
  • Non-linear Analysis
  • Structural-MEMS-Acoustic coupling
  • Thermoviscous acoustic losses
Working With Xi

To give our clients technical understanding and insight we have a three-phased approach which can be used to underpin some or all of the aspects of your project.

“This represented a huge cost and time benefit for us. We went from making multiple prototypes by hand each week to simply dialling up a new one in the software. In addition to settling on a final design, we’re very happy with, it is now easy for us to customize our transducers for clients’ requirements.”

Martin Roberts, CEO.
Warwick Acoustics